Siblings: Candid Portraits // CT Portrait Photographer

         I have been digging into the depths of my photography from this past summer and I found a photo shoot I did with a few of my siblings at a local park. I haven't done much photography lately because I had my first semester of college this past fall (yay!) and I am now starting my second semester. Photography gets put on the back burner when you have work and classes. It's sad but true. Here's to hoping I can pick it back up and keep practicing through this semester. :)

2 photo 2613dupe_zps3b33b4d3.png
3 photo 2616dupe_zpse196d589.png
4 photo 2617dupe_zpsa5368f6d.png
5 photo 2618dupe_zps4be8a9a4.png
6 photo 2619dupe_zps74a73dba.png
7 photo 2623dupe_zps5ed255d7.png
8 photo 2628amp2629dupe_zps8fe4e54e.png
9 photo 2622dupe_zpsec8e8a48.png
10 photo 2609amp2635_zpsac177cf6.png
11 photo 2647dupe_zps13a340b1.png
12 photo 2630amp2667dupe_zpsf74f8053.png
13 photo 2631dupe_zps4e3b051a.png
14 photo 2651amp2654dupe_zps24840a4c.png
15 photo 2673dupe_zpsd5fbebe9.png
16 photo 2657amp2664dupe_zps55fa6ef9.png
17 photo 2664dupe_zpsc998596f.png
18 photo 2670718788dupe_zpsf1aaddb0.png
19 photo 2672dupe_zps4b2d91d1.png
20 photo 2695amp2703_zpsaf2c48e5.png
21 photo 2689dupe_zps3e4690b4.png
22 photo 2724amp2730_zps4df3df09.png
23 photo 2740dupe_zps00e543ae.png
24 photo 2754amp2756_zps1103f0a1.png
25 photo 2758dupe_zpsc21cfc43.png
26 photo 2784dupe_zps65d6b999.png
27 photo 2760amp2768_zps18243b66.png
29 photo 2820dupe_zps6cdcec96.png
28 photo 2808amp2815_zpsb328ce4d.png


Keara: Portraits // CT Portrait Photographer

         As you may have been able to tell, I haven't been around that much lately. I have actually started school at a community college (yay!) so now I am extremely busy with that and my job.
I've been missing photography a lot (since I haven't had time for that either!), so the other day I grabbed my sister and we ran outside for a ten-minute photo shoot. It was great! I loved it, and Keara is so beautiful. We made it right at the golden hour, and I am so happy with how the pictures turned out. 

1 photo IMG_3766_zps58ca27a5.jpg

2 photo IMG_3771_zpsb7870f35.jpg

3773 dupe photo duplicatebw_zpsadf58d2b.png

3774 dupe photo duplicate_zpse16b3dff.png

5 photo IMG_3775_zps29c94409.jpg

3780 + 3781 photo kearadiptick1_zps4eaa3cf7.png

8 photo IMG_3787_zpsd87666ba.jpg

9 photo IMG_3798_zpse0e6a397.jpg

 photo 3800amp3802diptick_zps07ef8971.png

12 photo IMG_3803_zps3b1822d0.jpg

3806 dupe photo duplicate3806_zps4fe8559c.png

14 photo IMG_3808_zps68f7fbab.jpg

15 photo IMG_3811_zpsa635f5fb.jpg

 photo IMG_3819_zpsac72d0a3.jpg


Allix: Portraits // CT Portrait Photographer

While in Texas for Jessica Shae's Summer Adventure Photography Internship, I was extremely privileged to be able to take pictures of Allix. She was so sweet and nice, and although I was kind of in awe at meeting her, she did not put on airs or anything of the sort. ;) Allix is a gorgeous girl, both inside and out, and I am so glad that I got the opportunity to photograph her. Enjoy!

 photo 001IMG_9352_zps564ba8de.jpg

 photo 002IMG_9224_zps08e85df9.jpg

 photo 003IMG_9236_zpscd897d40.jpg

 photo 004IMG_9239_zpseb84a549.jpg

 photo 005IMG_9248_zps6edfa74d.jpg

 photo 006diptych02_zpsb37aca28.jpg

 photo 007IMG_9317_zps36ae4eaa.jpg

 photo 008IMG_9198_zps29335d41.jpg

 photo 009IMG_9181_zps36d4bd09.jpg

 photo 011IMG_9247-4_zpsbbbedb83.jpg

 photo 012IMG_9256_zpsb448c6ad.jpg

 photo 013IMG_9272_zps900597a7.jpg

 photo 014IMG_9275_zpsb06a478d.jpg

 photo 015diptych03_zpsbf2b00d2.jpg

 photo 016IMG_9342_zpsb6f9902c.jpg

 photo 017IMG_9392_zpse0f34853.jpg

 photo 018IMG_9349_zps509aeb03.jpg

 photo 019IMG_9358_zpsfc479c8a.jpg

 photo 020IMG_9389_zps9faf574b.jpg

Thanks Allix! :)