Sunday afternoon walk

He looks fake, doesn't he?
*I'm thankful for a nice camera*

Dad, Joey, Calvin, and I went on a  Sunday walk

*I'm thankful for beautiful places just down the road from us*

*I'm thankful for my cute little brother who may be little, but he's old*

*I'm thankful that my family and extended family will be gathered together tomorrow to remember my Grandpa who died last year and to share Thanksgiving together*


Photo Challenge: Color

Mary Ann over at Shutter Happy is having a photography challenge, and the theme is COLOR! Here is my entry:
I took this picture at a farmer's market that my mom and sisters went to the other day. It felt a little weird to be going up to people's tables and snapping pictures of their stuff without buying anything, but I felt like it was a good photography opportunity. :)


Love from my Father

Still think that maybe God doesn't love me?

Well guess what?

There was a giveaway.
       1885 entries
            21 prizes
                I didn't love every single prize
                      I won one of the prizes that I do love

God doesn't love me? I beg to differ.



Look! Look! I'm more than halfway there! I only have 23,776 words left to write until I win NaNoWriMo!
I can't wait! *bounces*

Thank you God for giving me the words to write and the time to write them! Thank you for inspiring me and giving me good music! Thank you Lord! :)


I am thankful to God for:
             *Nice Christmas presents that I got for friends today
   *A surprise $65 that I found in my purse (which really needs to be cleaned out)
                      *A check that will be coming from the insurance company for our damage from the storm
       *My sister Meg (It's her 24th birthday!)
                 *My camera Fisher
*My Macbook
            *How much God loves me
     *Winning giveaways
              *Grimm's Complete Fairytales
            *Shopping with my mom
                        *Riding the shopping cart down the aisles, even though I'm eighteen years old
  *The fact that I am right on track for NaNoWriMo
                    *Christmas gift ideas
     *The upcoming Christmas season
*Christmas music
        *Special extended family coming for Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for?

Ultimately fun

I love this picture of my friend and I during the game. :) 

{all photos credit to my big sister Hannah}
the little ones 



With Pandora on station shuffle, my laptop working again, and a cozy merino wool sweater on, life just seems so nice. God has been so good to me. It may not seem like much, but yesterday he gave me two little gifts to show me that he loves me.

First of all, I was wearing a locket yesterday that has pictures of my mom and dad in it. It's really pretty, and I got it from my aunt when I was maybe...seven or eight. I love it. After our game of Ultimate Frisbee I noticed that the locket was gone. My dad organized everyone to walk in a line along the entire field, and we still couldn't find it. I prayed and prayed, and we still couldn't find it. So a couple of the S. girls and I walked back to our house because we didn't want to play anymore. Just as I was walking up the driveway, I looked down, and there was my locket on the driveway right beside our car. :D

#2: My laptop had been acting up lately. On one day it was going really really slowly, and it's never gone that slow before. I restarted it, to find that it had needed an update on the software. So after that it was working fine. Then yesterday it froze up. The screen was black, and the little waiting icon was just sitting there doing nothing. I could move the mouse a little, but nothing would happen if I pressed the power button or anything. Finally I found on a website what to do to reset it, and then it worked. It ended up that I had to restart it three times because of software updates, and now it's running quite smoothly. :)

Thank you God! :)

What is it? 

We had our friends over for a "Harvest Fest" 

My friend Lieren and her little brother Zephaniah (Zephy) 

Both dads :) 

 Mary, Lieren, Han


Han and Aislinn

Choosing teams 


We played Ultimate Frisbee :)

More later. :)

Tears of the Saints

Here it is! The music video to "Tears of the Saints" (by Leeland) that we made with our friends. And really, it's good. I'm not just saying that. This has made many people cry (including adult men!), and my friend Lieren used her super cool film stuff to film and edit. :) My own little sister Mary directed and wrote the music video, and many of my siblings and my friend Lieren's siblings are featured in it! 
Please do watch! :)


Do you Play-Dough?

I was "momma" for a morning last week. 

I made bread and watched these two cuties.

Yes, it was a bit overwhelming, but it was fun at the same time.

It made me want to get married and be a mommy.


OOTD (Day Two)

{sweater}: hand-me-down {shirt}: Wet Seal {jeans}: Rue21 {earrings}: Target {headband}: either Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 {ring}: Kohl's {Boots}: DSW (brand: Bare Traps) {photo credit}: my sister Hannah