Do you like knitting? I love knitting. I hadn't made anything in a very long time, but when the power went out, I decided to start knitting again. And it was wonderful. :) I made one pair of fingerless gloves, and then I made a second pair while we were at our friends' house who had power when we didn't. (We just got power back today, after about ten days of being without electricity) 
I got the pattern from Lily at Belle Fleur Photography (Link to pattern post), and they came out beautifully! :)
These are the two pairs that I made:

Sorry for the poor lighting and blurry shot on the last picture. I wanted to show you what the back looks like, and this is the only one I got. :P 
But anyway, I made the blue pair out of some acrylic/polyester yarn that one of my friends had given me (I don't normally like polyester/acrylic yarn AT ALL, but this kind is really nice! It doesn't feel yucky like some other kinds do.), and I made the other pair out of wool. They both ended up really nice, and I really like the pattern! :) If you have any questions about the pattern or the fingerless gloves, please, leave comment! :)


  1. My mom and I are laughing really hard because we were JUST searching for fingerless gloves (I have awful circulation and my hands are constantly cold) and my mom would really like to give knitting me a pair a try... so yes... my mumsy would like the pattern! (talk about timing, eh? :D)

  2. Ohh! They turned out really nice!! I'm so glad you liked the pattern!
    ~Lily bellefluerphotography.blogspot.com

  3. Those are kinda cute gloves!!
    I was wondering if you had gotten the earrings mailed out yet? I haven't gotten them yet... :)
    God bless!


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