A bit of this and a bit of that

Well, the decision has been made, and the headmaster contacted. I am going back to work at the school next year! This makes me scared and happy and excited at the same time. I'm scared that it will feel like a long time (I only worked ~6 months this past year), I won't have Hannah to talk with about the job and stuff going on, and someone who I don't know that well will be giving me a ride. Every day.
But I am also excited because I get to go back and see the kids and the teachers, and hopefully bond with the new kids! The headmaster said that I will probably float between the two four-year-old classrooms as the assistant to the other four-year-old class is now going to be the teacher of the three-year-olds. That makes me a little nervous as well...nervous that the job will be quite a bit harder, nervous that it might be a little more confusing to work with both teachers at once, and nervous that it might mean that I would have to teach the class more by myself. But God decided that he wanted me to go back! He showed me that by having everything (from finding a car ride, to getting permission to skip orientation so that I could go on vacation with my family!) work out perfectly! And I know that he wouldn't do that if he didn't want me to go back.
That is a reassuring thought. :)

So last night I submitted my NaNoWriMo story to the Create Space website, and they are going to review it and then I will be able to order my copy if everything is good with the book (in terms of formatting and the correct file and everything). I can't wait to get my copy. I will have a published copy of my very own book! How cool is that? And it was totally free! God is so good. :)
I'm also glad because I did tweak the ending and middle of the story, just a wee bit, so hopefully I will like it better. And I added page numbers because my friend said that when she got a copy of her book a different year, there were no page numbers. I'm glad I remembered. :) I am a little concerned that the chapters will be so short that it's laughable. But oh well. There's nothing I can do about it now. ;)

This morning I woke up at 6:00am feeling horrible. My stomach felt terrible and then later I actually got sick. :P I don't feel too bad now, but I'm just hoping that by Monday (when we go to Pennsylvania) I feel completely better. :)

See you later, peeps!



Yeeeeup. That is what I have been doing lately. Editing. Not the funnest thing in the world, but it is nice to read over what I have written, whether I like what is written or not. ;) The part I am NOT looking forward to is separating into chapters. *facepalm* That will be tough. :P