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Okay, so I did the SATs like I said yesterday!! I was literally FREAKING OUT on Friday night because we had gone to Six Flags all day (we were there for ten hours) and then I had to get some stuff ready for the SATs that were the next morning. I was mostly freaking out over the math section, because I had taken some practice math questions on the collegeboard site, and I was doing HORRIBLY. On top of that, I found out Friday night that you're "supposed" to have a graphing calculator or a scientific calculator, and they don't recommend normal four-function calculators. *facepalm* So I got up at 6:00am on Saturday and got ready, mom made me coffee and MADE me drink it which was nice, and we left! I was super shy at the high school...I didn't talk to anyone if I didn't have to. :P But the test itself wasn't all that bad. Some of the questions (math included) were super easy, and then there were some that I just had to skip. I don't think I did too horribly on the essay, although it may have been a little too short. I mean seriously, we only have twenty-five minutes to write it! :P
We got to the school at about 7:30am, and then I got out at about 1:00pm, so everything (including the breaks) took a total of about five and a half hours. I was soo tired when I got home, but we had my aunt and two of my girl cousins over, so I had lunch and then we went shopping! When we got home we watched "Tangled" and then Meg took me to a Fairmont/Youth Group meeting. I got to take a nap today after church and the Sunday School picnic, which was veeery nice. :)
So. This Friday I am graduating and giving a speech. Then the Sunday after that is the baccalaureate service at church and I will be playing piano at it. I am suuuper nervous about both of those. I would really appreciate prayer. :) But the nice thing is, I keep reminding myself that the SATs are over!! Yayyy!! :D
Okay, I gotta go. Just wanted to update a little. ;)


  1. Good to read some of this that I hadn't heard.
    One thing down, two to go! :)

    Notice: "and then MEG took me to..." Thanks for giving me credit. I'm still so proud. :)

  2. you're going to fairmont this year??


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