Sumer photos 2

ICE COFFEE!! Namely, a mocha raspberry ice coffee. :D

My cool sista

Two roads diverged in  a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by...

Ian: Aw, I'm so proud of you! You took a picture of rocks!

Lift your chin


new ipod

I got a new iPod nano! I am thoroughly excited. Shall we compare?

Old iPod - Name: Slick
New iPod - Name: Jasmine                  *(note: goofy names! I know!)*
Slick: 2nd generation
Jasmine: 5th generation
Slick: 2GB
Jasmine: 16GB
Slick: OLD
Jasmine: New!
Slick: Silver
Jasmine: Purple

Okaaay, anyway, I am super excited about the new iPod, and so in celebration I have been buying some new songs from iTunes! Yay! Lyddie has even been having fun with my iPod; listening to music, looking at the cover flow, and filming. I think the latter must be her favorite. :)


Book thoughts

On our way home from visiting our family in Pennsylvania, I was reading Eric and Leslie Ludy's book When Dreams Come True. First of all, it was a really good book and you should read it. It's the story of, well, their lives. But what I want to say is that I was reading it and it made me love God so much. I know that I don't have to worry about who God will pick for me to marry. I don't have to be searching, because God has it all planned and as long as I get closer to him, then everything will unfold right before my eyes - and it will be amazing! I'll think it's the best love story EVER! So in the middle of reading about the proposal and courtship, I prayed. What I prayed is between me and God, but after praying and after finishing the book I felt so close to God. He was wrapping his arms around me letting me know how awesome and powerful he is. A little later I began listening to my iPod and this song totally made me feel like God was singing it to me.
It's called "Closer" by Jars of Clay.

Mmmmmm...I like that song. :)
Anyway, when I got home, lo and behold! My book had arrived. MY book. No, not a book that I just wanted for fun, but my book-that-I-wrote-that-is-published book! All right, not really published, I mean, it is, because it has an ISBN number and everything, but not really published because a publisher didn't publish it. It's my free published copy of my NaNoWriMo book and I will post pictures of it as soon as I upload them. My family wants me to get some additional copies to give to a couple of my aunts, and my grandma and everything. :) They haven't read it yet. Maybe they'll tell me to skip the extra copies once they read it. Haha. :) There are things that I would definitely change if I ordered another copy though. Like adding a dedication page, and a copyright page, and moving the start of the prologue....yeah. So we'll see. :) I think first I would like to order a copy of The Blue Castle from Amazon. ;) I've been wanting that book for a while. :)
Oh! While on the topic of books....we went to a book store at the Outlets at Hershey while we were in PA, and I got books!!! Sadly, they were all paperback, but they were so nice and cheap and I didn't own them already, so I HAD to get them. ;) I purchased Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin (it came with a necklace...fun! :) ), Persuasion by Jane Austen, and then Anne of the Island and Anne's House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery. It made me quite happy. Books tend to do that to me. I think I will go read a book!