new ipod

I got a new iPod nano! I am thoroughly excited. Shall we compare?

Old iPod - Name: Slick
New iPod - Name: Jasmine                  *(note: goofy names! I know!)*
Slick: 2nd generation
Jasmine: 5th generation
Slick: 2GB
Jasmine: 16GB
Slick: OLD
Jasmine: New!
Slick: Silver
Jasmine: Purple

Okaaay, anyway, I am super excited about the new iPod, and so in celebration I have been buying some new songs from iTunes! Yay! Lyddie has even been having fun with my iPod; listening to music, looking at the cover flow, and filming. I think the latter must be her favorite. :)

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  1. Now it's coming back to me! Jasmine hadn't come when we left (at least I don't think so!) so I forgot she was coming. But NOW I remember seeing an ipod box on the stairs. I'm guessing you took her with you, but I might snoop around and see if I can find her, just to look at her... :)


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