Keara: Portraits // CT Portrait Photographer

         As you may have been able to tell, I haven't been around that much lately. I have actually started school at a community college (yay!) so now I am extremely busy with that and my job.
I've been missing photography a lot (since I haven't had time for that either!), so the other day I grabbed my sister and we ran outside for a ten-minute photo shoot. It was great! I loved it, and Keara is so beautiful. We made it right at the golden hour, and I am so happy with how the pictures turned out. 

1 photo IMG_3766_zps58ca27a5.jpg

2 photo IMG_3771_zpsb7870f35.jpg

3773 dupe photo duplicatebw_zpsadf58d2b.png

3774 dupe photo duplicate_zpse16b3dff.png

5 photo IMG_3775_zps29c94409.jpg

3780 + 3781 photo kearadiptick1_zps4eaa3cf7.png

8 photo IMG_3787_zpsd87666ba.jpg

9 photo IMG_3798_zpse0e6a397.jpg

 photo 3800amp3802diptick_zps07ef8971.png

12 photo IMG_3803_zps3b1822d0.jpg

3806 dupe photo duplicate3806_zps4fe8559c.png

14 photo IMG_3808_zps68f7fbab.jpg

15 photo IMG_3811_zpsa635f5fb.jpg

 photo IMG_3819_zpsac72d0a3.jpg