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 Only five pictures, but I do love them. They were part of a really short, really cute, photo shoot that I did with my sister Keara (or Kitty, as we affectionately call her) and a Nikon camera that my dad got for his 30th birthday but never used. I need to use that camera more often...


An Introduction

     Some of you may have noticed that my blog name has changed.

     First of all, I'd like to say that I'm sorry for doing that to you. It always confuses and somewhat annoys me when bloggers do that to their readers. I'll be going down looking at my list of new posts to read, and it will say something like 'Madeline at FOCUS' and I'll be like, "What? I thought it was something else! What was it again? Oh yeah! 'A Glimpse Into My World'. Why'd she change it? Now I'll be all confused whenever it shows up in my reading list!" Yeah, those are pretty much the thoughts that run through my head when someone changes their blog name. So that is why I'm apologizing. I hope you weren't too confused.

     But I also just wanted to explain why I changed the name of this place. This blog used to fondly be named 'A Glimpse Into My World'. I liked the title because I wanted the blog to be about what I liked, what I wanted to talk about, and my photography. Well, it didn't end up going to well. It turns out that I am an extremely sporadic blog poster. Part of that was lack of inspiration, part was the thought of mine that I had to write beautifully to be accepted in the blog world and accepted by myself. I wanted to be one of those beautiful writers that somehow seemed to capture the exact scene or thoughts and feelings they had at any moment. But let's face it, I'm just not the best writer. I'm not even really that "into" writing. Yes, I do get the urge to write sometimes, but I can (try to) save that for my journal. And thus the reason for the name change hit my thoughts like a bat hitting a baseball. I want this to be a photography blog, not a glimpse into what my world is like. In a sense, it will still be a small glimpse into my world through the pictures I post, but it won't be the latest song that I've been loving, or the confused thoughts that have been racing through my head.

     And now, the reason I named it 'FOCUS'. The word actually came to my mind while I was on a mission trip to West Virginia this past summer, and not as the title of a blog, either. I feel like God gave me that word during the week where I was feeling stressed and brainboggled. He wanted me to focus. Focus on the reason we were there, focus on worshipping him, talking to him, and loving him. Focus on how others in my group were doing with the stress and and emotional pain of everything. Even after we came home from the trip, I've felt like the word is mine. It reminds me to focus on God and on others. I feel like it's a great name for my blog, because of that. Not to mention the great camera reference it has. ;)

     So there you go. A big long blog post to tell you that I (hopefully) won't be doing anymore big long blog posts. ;) From henceforth I am going to try to post more photography and less words.

Welcome to FOCUS


The Archives || 001

I realized that I have hundreds of pictures that I always meant to publish on here, but haven't. Thus the photography archives of moi (Madeline McGinnis) begin on a misty March morning. Enjoy.




I like the way raindrops feel in my hair.

I don't understand the point of umbrellas. Rain is such a nice thing to be in the midst of. Umbrellas get in the way. That's not to say that umbrellas can't be sweet and romantic; they can. But really, wouldn't you rather be wet and happy?