Random thought bubbles

I think I want a Mac. Everyone knows that they are the super computer. The king of computers.The Computer of computers. I think I want a Mac.

I wish those were my initials. They're close at least.
We've been watching Our Mutual Friend....(she's so gorgeous!)

A fragment from The Wedding Reception by Jean Beraud

How do you take a picture that looks AMAZING? I mean, with amazing colors and everything? I suppose some of the most gorgeous photos are taken with superior cameras by camera people that know what they're doing, that edit with amazing software that costs a fortune. But seriously? For instance, I think that Kaeleen takes amazing pictures!! And she doesn't have an SLR camera! (I think) Perhaps she's just amazing. :)


Family Pictures

Our entire family was able to attend a wedding recently, where someone graciously took our family picture. :)
 We had to do a goofy one as well!