10 Day Challenge Day 2

Day Two: 9 Loves 
1.  keys
2.  elephants
3.  playing piano
4.  haunting music (usually piano)
5.  mocha ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts
6.  "Tangled"
7.  the color of my nails: (brand:) Essie (color:) Tart Deco (Trust me, it's sooo cute and gorgeous! Coraly!)
8.  my camera!! Still thinking of names for it...I think it's a boy. If it was a girl I probably would have named it Darcy, Bella, or Nora by now. ;)
9.  rings
Aaand I took the SATs this morning. I was extremely nervous but I had people praying for me, so it wasn't TOO bad. It was long though! I got there at about 7:30am and didn't get out until about 1:00pm! Sheeeesh.
 When I got home my aunt and my two girl cousin were over for a mini girls weekend (just today) and then a bunch of us went shopping! It wasn't too fun because I was cranky and tired (heh) but I did get a dress for graduation (which is next Friday...yikes!!). It's really pretty and was super on sale, so it was a good deal. :) Anyway, I have to go. I just wanted to tell a bit about what's going on. :)

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