Wow. I don't know if you live in New England, but I do. Therefore I know all about the horrible storm that we received on the...29th. We ended up losing power that night, at 6:55pm, and guess what? We still don't have it back! It's been a whole entire week, and we almost were able to bear it for that long, except that our town was featured on the front page of the newspaper on Friday (yesterday) and it was said that we might lose our water and sewage might perhaps start coming up through the toilets and sinks. Lovely. And you will know, if you happen to have twelve people in your family, that large families simply cannot operate without any water at all. So we made out way to our friends' house to seek refuge. They have power. They have water. They have wonderful hospitality. And they also have thirteen people in their family, so they know what we were going through.

So what did we do for almost a week with no power, you ask?
Well on Sunday I felt so gross and dirty that I washed my hair in the ice cold water. And you know what? It wasn't too bad. :)
We had fires all day and every day in the fireplace, and a couple days we wrapped potatoes in aluminum foil and stuck them under the grate to cook. They were simply delicious. Perhaps the best potatoes I have ever had. :)

And I have continued to work on my NaNoWriMo story. Am I a trooper or what? :) (Okay, I'm not really much of a trooper. I only had to write a page and a half in my notebook, because I was able to charge my laptop at a friends' house :P) It is exhausting, and life-draining, but I am pressing on, despite having been powerless, and despite being at one of my best friend's houses. I love her, and she lets me write my NaNo story. (Ain't she sah-weeet?)

I would post pictures of the horrendous damage done in our yard, but pictures are being uncooperative at the moment, and I am going to go play "I Don't Think So" in a minute. Scratch that, they already started without me. :P

I miss my dear bloggers! I wasn't able to catch up on everyone's blogs, but I did get to se a couple.
Oh! I won a couple more giveaways! I am so terribly excited! One of them was from

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