I am thankful to God for:
             *Nice Christmas presents that I got for friends today
   *A surprise $65 that I found in my purse (which really needs to be cleaned out)
                      *A check that will be coming from the insurance company for our damage from the storm
       *My sister Meg (It's her 24th birthday!)
                 *My camera Fisher
*My Macbook
            *How much God loves me
     *Winning giveaways
              *Grimm's Complete Fairytales
            *Shopping with my mom
                        *Riding the shopping cart down the aisles, even though I'm eighteen years old
  *The fact that I am right on track for NaNoWriMo
                    *Christmas gift ideas
     *The upcoming Christmas season
*Christmas music
        *Special extended family coming for Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for?


  1. WOW, u found $65 that would be a lot of money for me, well tell your sister "happy birthday" from one of your blog friends/follower :) i love shopping with my mom and riding the cart down the aisles!!!!!:)

    ~Olivia Marie~

  2. Okay, so Chloe spells it "Fischer". Which way is right? I thought it was "Fisher" too.

    This is a cool post.

    I didn't know you rode the cart down isles! You naughty gull!

    Christmas!!! Yessss!!!


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