OOTD (Day One)

I have been wanting to dress a little "nicer" lately, so I started [yesterday]! 
 My hair - the ribbon was inspired by the 1996 movie version of "Emma" with Gwyneth Paltrow. My sisters and I had seen it the night before, and she wears ribbons with her hair up a lot, so I wanted to try it out. :)


These are the earrings I won in a giveaway from Shadow Jewels

A little blurry :\ 

{Ribbon}: Came with box that earrings were in {Earrings}: Shadow Jewels {Scarf}: Gift from a friend {Shirt/sweater}: L.L.Bean {Jeans(not shown)}: Old Navy

I was inspired by the earrings to be in a green mood. Now, I honestly can't ever remember a time when I was in a green mood. Green is probably one of my least favorite colors (Don't get me wrong, I love the color in nature, but not for clothes or accessories), therefore I have practically no green items in my wardrobe. BUT. These earrings are sooo pretty, that they made me want to wear green! So I took the ribbon that was tied around the box that held the earrings, and I put it in my hair, and I wore the green earrings. I need to buy myself some green clothes.
*Note: I am promoting Shadow Jewels' Etsy shop on my own. I do not receive any benefit from mentioning her shop in my post*

Day One of "fashion" - completed

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