A poem

I thought up this poem last night. It's nothing much, but I haven't written a poem in a while, so I felt thrilled to be inspired to write one.


The Heavenly King and his Daughter

He's waiting for her to come back
Come back with open arms
He's waiting to forgive her still
Forgive with open heart

He is firmly fixed in where he stands
Yet o'er the world she roams
Her heart is stone while his is soft
She whistles while he groans

Suddenly she can't escape her sin
He finds her at his feet
He reaches down to pick her up
She cries as their eyes meet

Oh she cannot take his mercy in
It fairly breaks her heart
Yet she knows that only he can save
She never must now part

"My child, my child, I love you still
You are my only joy
And should you ever leave again
My heartstrings thou would ploy."

The tears flow freely as he speaks
A lump stops up her voice
"And now," she thinks quite to herself,
"He is my final choice.

"He is my only comforter
I'll never leave his side
And always he will care for me
With Him I will abide."


  1. Wow. Mad, that is beautiful!!! I love it!!! Just... amazing! Is it okay if I copy it into my journal?

    And btw, LOVE the look of the blog! Wait, am I your FIRST comment?! :) I'm glad you have a blog!!!

  2. Wow, thanks for the nice comment, but sorry, Han and Sam commented first. ;)
    Sure, feel free. :)

  3. That is so nice! Very beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. Wow Maddie! This is really beautiful...it brought tears to my eyes! *hugs* Thank you for sharing that!!


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