Sea Salt

The first time you set foot on an oceanic beach is incredibly thrilling, from the salty sea air that greets your nose, to the rushing sound of waves breaking on the water's edge, to the indistinct blueness of the horizon, to the cool smooth sand that covers your toes like a blanket.

Or perhaps you would rather stroll along the boardwalk. There is a mystifying sensation that I get when I hear the word 'boardwalk'. It's about something that is so classic and calming. It's comforting and wonderful. Maybe it's the faded memories I have of walking on the boardwalk with my aunt when I was little, when we would visit my great aunt's home by the shore. Maybe it's the "classicness" of hearing about the boardwalk, or maybe it's the boardwalk itself; how it follows the ocean and creaks and groans as you step lightly over the weather-beaten boards.  It may also be just the fact that it is a pathway to the beach. Whatever it is, I love the boardwalk.

Notice the photographer guy on the right taking a picture of the lady on the bench?

Nothing seems to inspire me more than the beach.


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