Catching Up

Hello everyone!
I realize that I haven't posted for a few weeks now. I'll admit that although I was actually out of state for the first week, the others I just didn't feel like posting. Is that awfully mean of me to say? It's not that I don't appreciate you guys (goodness knows I do!) but I just wasn't very inspired. 
The truth is, although I have a blog and have written two (non-, and never will be-, published) books, I honestly don't consider myself to be a writer. The thoughts and feelings that are in my head are all jumbled and twisted together like a tangled piece of string, and I can never figure out how to unwind it.

My mission trip was wonderful and incredibly hard at the same time. a BIG thank you to Nela for guest posting while I was away. She wrote a wonderful post that you can read here

So, as a little treat since I haven't posted in so long, I made you a little short film from when my family and I went to New Jersey this past June. Enjoy!

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  1. welcome back and I hope you had fun! :)

    Great video btw!


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