An afternoon on the front lawn

Lydia and I had a mini photo shoot the other day.

She did somersaults and I sat and took pictures. This is her "Ta-da" look. :)

She took some pictures...(yes, I look super tired :P )

 I laughed and made sure she didn't drop Fisher while she announced what she would take pictures of.
"I'm taking a picture of the van. I'm taking a picture of my feet."

When Lyddie grows up she's either going to be a hairdresser, photographer, musician, or dancer. Maybe a singer too. And definitely a mommy. But for now she's only four-almost-five, and she likes being a little girl. Although practicing all those things is fun too. ;)

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P.S. How do you like my new blog design?


  1. I like your new blog design! I still kind of liked the old one though. :)
    Lydia is SOOOO cute! Oh and, You too btw! LOL ;)

  2. These are so sweet and full of personality. I LOVE the first picture!

  3. Oh, my goodness! Lydia is such a cutie!


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