Recently (as in, this past March) I found out that I really like cooking. Crazy, right?

     It's so wonderful in my mind to be able to add all these crazy spices and ingredients together, and make it into something delicious. I love the feel of a sharp knife in my hand as I chop up onions, potatoes, chives, or even chocolate; my fingers push the loose bits off the knife onto the cutting board, and I feel like a chef on T.V. The diced onions, chives, etc., go into the frying pan and I turn up the heat as I add some oil. Soon they're sizzling beautifully. I love that sound.

     I like baking a lot too. Mixing up the ingredients, finding new recipes that come out to be some of the best desserts I've tried. Pulling the cake or brownies out of the oven and setting it on the counter, then pricking the baked surface with a wisp of a toothpick, just to pull it out again and see the moist crumbs clinging to the wood, just like the recipe said it would.

     I love trying new recipes, whether it be for cooking or baking. The excitement as I mix the ingredients together or brown them over the stove, just waiting to see if they will come out to be as delicious as they sound, or as the pictures look.

     I also love photography, but so far I have almost completely failed at food photography. On Friday night I tried a new chicken recipe from the America's Test Kitchen Cookbook and I took my plate outside to photograph it, hoping that the natural light would work wonders for me.

I think it definitely helped, but they're still not the best. I just need practice. :)



  1. That looks soooooo good!
    Can I reach in and grab some?!? LOL

  2. I agree, that looks really good! And practice makes perfect. (:


  3. I am a young lady and I homeschool ( i was now I am graduated) . I put up recipes on Tuesday. Today i listed a book report and giveaway actually there are several listed!

  4. Looks good! The natural light helped I'm sure! Very nice.


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