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I wasn't able to sleep. It might have been that I was sick, it might have been that my mind just wouldn't calm down at all. It didn't matter that my body was tired, my mind was bouncing a red rubber ball around  in my skull. It was past two by the time I finally fell asleep. The next night was similar, although I fell asleep a mite faster than the night before. By the time it was the third night, my dad had a plan. And it involved reading Winnie-the-Pooh in my bed before I went to sleep.

I don't know if Winnie-the-Pooh helped, but it did make me happy.
A.A. Milne has the gift f words, and Ernest H. Shepard has the gift of whimsical drawings. There is something entirely comforting about the simple, sweet stories.

So I have begun to read my very own copy of the Complete Collection, and I am rather enjoying it so far.

On a slightly different note, have you ever been reading a used book, or a library book and found something stuck between the pages by a previous reader? There is something so nice about finding evidence of another soul reading and enjoying the words on the pages that you are now enjoying.

Once I was reading a book that I had borrowed from a friend, and in the crease of the pages I found a small pressed flower. She had forgotten all about the flower, but had stuck it there last time she had been reading the story.

While paging through The World of Christopher Robin that I had acquired many months ago from a secondhand store, I found something between the pages. But it wasn't something very sweet and savory. It was a proof-of-purchase for a movie. Yeah, kinda lame, huh? But it made me think about finding better things in books. I've thought before about leaving a notes in books from the library for the next person to find. Maybe I should...  

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  1. I had a bad night too!
    Lovely pictures btw!

    (You were awarded over at my blog. I didn't know if you noticed) :)

  2. Except that it's gross when you find spots on the book, as thought someone was eating or drinking something and spilled... ew. But a flower, or a note - yes! We SHOULD leave notes in Library books. I think that would be so fun to find! Especially if it was MEANT for the next person who read the book!

  3. I really like the photo of our cellar door. It actually looks quaint, when in reality it's kinda gross. So, good job! ;)

  4. I do love to find things in between pages of books! ♥ It's so fun :) And I have left notes in books before! I've actually left notes randomly everywhere! Throughout stores, stuck into boxes and shelves... I wonder who found them... :)


  5. your photography is beautiful! just found your blog!=)

    -Kelsie || Bella Ragazza



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