::I don't drink enough water
::I got a job last week
::I am not looking forward to working tomorrow morning
::I love little kids
::I end up going to bed way later than I would like
::I didn't take a picture yet today
::I am not a very good photographer
::I think like a criminal sometimes (ask my sisters)
::I love children's books
::I am only about 5' tall. Or maybe 5' 1". I've been told both.
::I often have a hard time NOT thinking about what other people think of me
::I have a hard time NOT wanting lots and lots of followers
::I like using the cool office phones at work
::I wish I listened to new music more often
::I am hoping to go to the beach on Monday
::It is supposed to rain on Monday
::I don't read my Bible everyday
::I don't pray as often as I should
::I am allergic to peanuts
::I am wearing essie's turquoise & caicos on my nails right now
::I am learning to be more outgoing than I used to be
::I am slightly tired of the whole take-one-picture-every-day thing
::I cry a lot
::I have low blood pressure
  ::and small lungs
::I finally finished my 20 before 20 list (can you say "took too long"?)
::I haven't uploaded my week's pictures yet
::I recently started shooting in RAW...what sort of difference am I supposed to see
  ::sometimes I feel clueless
::I am not depressed at the moment
::I love homemade Mounds bars
::Playing the piano relaxes me
  ::except when I'm playing in front of other people
    ::then I just get uptight
::I have enough truths listed here


  1. haha! awesome truths!

    I'm hosting a photo challenge! Would you like to come enter?


  2. Um I love this post.
    And I love you.


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