Photo Shoot {Reagan}

My friend Reagan asked me to take her senior pictures, and thus began my first "official" photo shoot. 
I had already taken my friend Lieren's senior pictures, but we weren't driven around to various places, changed clothes, etc. 
The day began as a cloudy, rainy, blah kind of day, and I wasn't too happy. You can tell from some of the pictures that the lighting wasn't too good, but we braved the weather and went out in spite of it. 

We ended up going to three locations and one impromptu one. (Reagan's mom randomly stopped the car and told us to jump out and take pictures by the wooden fence. It was a good idea.)
We had lots of fun laughing, getting soaked by the wet grass and drizzles of rain, and trying to find the best poses and ways to get Reagan to smile naturally. 

Here are 20 of the best photos (in my opinion).



  1. These are really great, Madeline! You really captured her personality so well. :)

  2. you asked for favorites? ummmm...ALL OF THEM!!! You did an amazing job and Raegan is a great subject to shoot :)- Dee Volkert

  3. Hi
    I'm new to this blog. BUT..... these pictures are amazing! I love looking at good pictures of people, and these are great. Favorites? Well, I really like most of them, but I think the first one and the one with her wearing the stripes and is looking up at the camera. Really like that one.



  4. i love the books on her head! very cute!
    bella <3

  5. Great pics! My favorite was the one with the books on her head!

  6. Wonderful photos! The one with the books on her head is amazing (and my personal favorite:)

  7. Oh they are all amazing!! Love them!!




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