30 Day Challenge Day 30

Day 30 - A picture of yourself.  (Last Day!!)
All right, I realize that it took me a very long day to post Day 30 of the photo challenge, but that was because I am supposed to post a picture of me today, and that would be odd of me to post a picture of myself NOT from today. So I finally am now. :)
 Today Dad's friend from work, Ed, took Dad, Meg, Han, Ian, and I to a shooting range in Massachusetts!  I was very nervous to shoot a gun, but it ended up being way cool. :D I think we ended up shooting five or six different guns (rifles, pistols, and revolvers). It was so fun, and Ed was already talking about "next time". :D I am looking forward to a next time. :)
So there it is. The last day of the photo challenge! Hopefully I can continue to post photos on here, although our computer has been getting very full. I need to move some stuff to the external hard drive. :P

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