Photo Post!

I have been taking lots of pictures lately, but the space on our computer is running out! We do have an external hard drive, but I like to back the pictures up on a website before transferring them to the hard drive and deleting them off the computer's memory. :P So that is the reason that I haven't been posting many pictures besides the photo challenge ones. ;) But I just have to do a post now...it's been too long and I have some pictures that I really like that I want to share with you! ;)
 These pictures are from our "trip" to the MassHOPE convention! I'm not posting pictures of the PEOPLE there (our friends) just in case it's not okay with them. ;) These first flower pictures were taken by Meg I believe. :)

There were eight of us playing Nertz together in the hotel lobby! :D

Meg's cool curly hair

The clouds on the way home were amazing. :)

These next pictures I took first on a Sunday afternoon when Mary, Lyddie and I were playing with bubbles, and then on a Friday afternoon after work. :)

The flowering pear tree in our yard...just don't sniff it! :P

I LOVE violets!


I think this picture is really cool! Photo credit goes to Mary! :)

What a doll!


I love this tree.

An underneath shot

The lilacs are starting to bloom!

Oops! This was supposed to be with the other bubble pictures. ;)

This is one of my favorites
And that's it! :)

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  1. Great photos Maddie!! I like them!! :) I really like the cloud ones and the pink tree ones and the lilac ones and the bubble ones!! :)


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