Christmas Eve Eve

This might sound just a tad crazy to you, but every year we have three Christmas celebrations at our house. They vary in order, but the celebrations went like this this year: Christmas with just our family (on Christmas Eve eve (Or Christmas Adam, because Adam came before Eve), Christmas with my mom's side of the family (Christmas Eve), and Christmas with my dad's side of the family (Christmas Day).
Needless to say, it was fun...and crazy. :) Here are some pictures from our first celebration.

Sorry for the blurriness...I had the lens on manual focus for some reason :P

It was a fire pit from us kids, if you were wondering ;)
And this is all you will get to see of me :)
I think that about sums up our celebration in pictures. :) Usually in the morning we kids will wake up and wait upstairs while we visit with each other, until Mom and Dad say that we can come down. Then we all line up, and march down the stairs, youngest to oldest, into the living room. We usually open one present, have a special breakfast, and then go back to open all the rest of the presents. The rest of the day is usually spent watching movies, playing with new toys that we got, and just relaxing. :) This year we had a pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch. :)

More on the celebrations to come soon! :)


  1. Looks like you guys had alot of fun opening presents! :D Just being curious, how many members are there in your family? :)
    Anyway, can't wait to see the rest your Christmas celebrations!

  2. Love the pictures!!!! It's cool how you celebrate you Christmas! :)
    The pot roast with mashed potatoes sounds delicious!

  3. I'll answer for Madeline: We have 12 people in our family (ten kids). :)


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