Driving and Christmas wrapping

On Thursday evening my uncle came over and gave Mary and I a driving lesson before supper! It was Mary's first time driving at all, and I had only done a teensy bit before. We went to a huge parking lot and he instructed us on what to do (he's a REALLY great teacher!). I was pretty nervous at first, but then it ended up being sooo fun, and I didn't want to get out of the driver's seat. ;)

Then today my sister was wrapping Christmas presents, so I decided to wrap with her! I was inspired by none other than Pinterest, and I decorated my gifts a little differently! I love how they turned out! Here are a few that I did.

Be a little more creative in your present wrapping this year! All I used for the brown paper was brown paper bags from the grocery store. You can use twine or string to tie them up with, and then make some homemade snowflakes to put on top!

Happy Christmas wrapping!! :)

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