Feedback? Please?

All right then.
I have a few questions for all of you photographers!
I have been looking around at tripods, and I'm not sure what kind to get. I've heard nothing but praise for Manfrotto tripods, but they're just too expensive for me at the moment. I was looking at a particular Dolica tripod that I thought looked good, but I just wanted to check with you ladies first. :)

What kind of tripod do you have? What kinds have you heard of that are really good?

Also I was thinking about possibly getting a UV Protection Filter, and wondering if you girls have one and like it (or don't like it) and if you think it's worth it to get. I guess I wouldn't exactly be getting it for the UV light help, but more for the protection of the lens. I know that it can reflect light too, which isn't a nice thing...
Anyway, just a few things that I've been thinking about that I would love feedback to!

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