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Would you look at that? I've reached 25 followers! Thank you so much everyone! You just made my day! :)

It would be really lovely if I could do a giveaway soon, but I have no idea how to go about it. Do people usually contact the person hosting the giveaway, or would I contact someone to sponsor a giveaway? :S

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My homemade first pair of socks. They are beautiful.

I've been enjoying the Christmas season. Every year we kids do Secret Santas with each other, and we are going to be doing that this Sunday! Christmas is a week from Sunday! I can't believe it. It seems like it really crept up on me this year. I'm not ready yet! There's not even any snow! :( 
Tomorrow night is the progressive dinner with the youth group that I "help" with (I'm one of the adults, but some of the kids and other adults are my friends, so it's not like this annoying thing I have to help with ;)) I'm pretty excited, since everybody gets dressed  up, and it's my first time going. Everyone always says that it's one of the best youth group events, and a bunch of the college kids are going to be there as well. :) So, hopefully it will be a fun evening. 

Tonight's evening was fun. Three of my sisters sat around the dining room table writing Christmas cards while I played the Christmas station on Pandora from my laptop and made snowflakes. It was nice. And I took videos of them, and they hated it. XD

What do you like to do to prepare for/celebrate Christmas? 


  1. LOVE the color of the socks!! :))

    And, about your giveaway thing, you c an either contact them (don't message them through etsy though. I learned that the hard way) or someone can offer too :) so its both.

    ~Lily lilycarolinephotography.blogspot.com

  2. Cute, cute, CUTE! I've always found etsy sellers through other bloggers favorites and stuff. Email them a sweet personal letter. Talk about their work, how you found them, ect. Then tell them about your proposition.

    Something like that anyways. :)

    Your new header is adorable btw. :)


  3. For a giveaway..sometimes you can have a post and at the end just say I'm looking for sponsors so if anyone is interested please e-mail me!

  4. You have 26 followers now!!! I like your socks!!That color is beautiful!!


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