30 Day Challenge Day 17

Day 17 - A picture of your favourite song.
Whaaaat? How in the world am I supposed to post a picture of my favorite song??
1. I don't have one favorite song. How could Anyone have ONE favorite song? I love music so much, and so many different varieties, that I could NEVER choose just one song.
2. You cannot post a picture of a song. A song is music. You can't watch it. You can't capture it in a photo. I guess that is something that is need about music and songs - it is something in this world that you actually don't look at. So many things nowadays are things to entertain us with our EYES. Movies, music videos, computers, video games, etc. They are all for our EYES. But music? Music is for your ears and your soul. You can't capture music in a picture, and that is that.
Here is one song that I really love. And the nice thing is that it is not a music video that distracts you from the music itself. :)

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