I'm Home!

Well, we got back from the MassHOPE convention. Hannah and I had to work on Thursday and Friday, so we missed going up to Worcester on Thursday afternoon with Mom, Meg, and Mary. :( After work on Friday we went straight to the hotel in MA, so we were fairly tired by the time we got there. I ended up staying up for 18 hours that day! Yikes! I was totally exhausted but I didn't really sleep very well. I don't think I usually sleep very well when I am away from home. :P Nevertheless I am being a silly little girl and not going to bed right now like I should. Arrrgh.
So guess what I figured out? I solved the problem as to what is wrong with me. I am lost. I am lost in what to do with my life (at the moment) and I am lost, as in, needing a SAVIOR! Which makes it pretty cool that I have one already. ;) But yeah. I don't know what God wants me to do with my life. I don't know anything. I have to make decisions and I hate making decisions. I usually procrastinate and then hastily make a decision when I have to. (And btw, I wouldn't be able to tell you if my decisions end up being a good thing, because I have never really had to make super huge decisions! :P) Okay, I feel like I am just rambling here. I am tired. I should go to bed. Goodnight. :)

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