30 Day Challenge Day 18

Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity.
I think I would say that one of my biggest insecurities (or fears...same thing, right??) is rejection or invisibility. I am very sensitive (TOO sensitive) to whether people like me or not. Yes, it is called people-pleasing. And I know I have people-pleasing "syndrome". :P It is not fun, and I am praying to overcome it.

I feel somewhat rejected if I am the one initiating a friendship and trying to feed the friendship. If I don't have the person on the other end helping me very much, then I think I just eventually give up. And it hurts. But I need to remember that Jesus is ALWAYS my friend, and he is ALWAYS there for me, and he will NEVER reject me, and he will ALWAYS love me, and he even thinks that I am special! Imagine! To the only perfect "person" in the whole world, I am important, and he pays attention to me, and he plans everything that will happen to me, and he chose me to be his daughter, friend, and servant. That is pretty cool. :)

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