Through the lens

Here I will post some pictures that I have taken somewhat recently. :) I really like how some of these came out. It is most likely that I will only be posting my favorite ones. ;)

My wedding ring from God! :) (Note: I don't know if this is nice or not, but I actually like the lens reflection. It adds some nice pinks, purples, and blues to the picture. :P )  

Experimenting with the sun

I like how shadowy this picture is
And more to come soon (hopefully)! These pictures take such a long time to upload and I must get myself to bed now. Ahhhh....bed. You know, almost every night this week when I have started to get ready for bed I got all excited. SLEEP! BED! :D Goodnight.

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  1. Your wedding ring from the LORD! That's so cool!


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