Fall Shoot

Hello people. :)
There are a few things that I just wanted to bring to your attention.

1. My parents instated this new rule in our house that we are only allowed to use electronics (use the computer, watch a movie or television, play Wii) on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. And that is why I might not be posting quite as frequently as I had before. :)

2. My stats levels are way down (this may be from my lack of posting). :P So to try and understand what my faithful followers like to see me post, I have put a poll on the sidebar, and I would love it if you took just a moment to answer, "What types of posts do you like to see me do?" :) It would mean so much to me if you could try and answer so that I can know what you girls like to see! :)

3. In November I will be participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), so I probably will really not be around once November rolls around. The goal is to write a 50k word novel in that one month, so it takes up quite a lot time. :) (I posted about it here)

And now I have a mini picture post for you! I did not have time to edit these photos before posting them (so they are all unedited! :S) but I did manage to get my watermark on there before Lightroom ran out. I did a photo shoot with Calvin, Hannah, and Mary, last Saturday, and that is what the pictures are from! :)
Calvin Russell (7) 

 Hannah (22)

Mary (16) 

God bless!


  1. Great pictures, Madeline! :) I especially like Mary's picture, it looks so pretty! ;)

  2. Calvin is adorable! :)
    Great pics!!

  3. These are really nice pictures! I like your style.

  4. I still can't believe those are UNedited!!! Wow. I love all of them.


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