Rainy Day Thoughts

This comic is so totally me! Is it something you would do as well? I just love it. It is now happily taped inside my journal. :)

  On another photographer's note, it is raining today. I think rain must be a photographer's dream. Rain means puddles. Rain means raindrops dripping off things like leaves and flowers and the tire of an upside down wheelbarrow. Rain mean getting wet. And your camera getting wet. But being a photographer in the rain means not caring about getting wet or the camera getting wet. Rain means wishing that you had another DSLR to take a picture of the first DSLR that is now soaked. Rain means taking pictures of leaves and raindrops dripping into ponds that have formed inside the top of the backyard sandbox.

Rain = wetness. Wetness = happiness. Therefore Rain = happiness. :)

*pictures to come soon*

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