I'm not sure if you people know that I love keys...well, I do. Today my mom and I stopped at a church tag sale (It wasn't that good :P) and my brother found this key for me!
Isn't it super cool? And there was a tag hanging off of it saying that it is a replica to a prison key from 1773-1827! :) 

I should do a post about all of my keys sometime. :) 


  1. That's really cool! Keys would be a neat thing to collect. And yes, I believe you should do a post about your keys. Do you have a lot?

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey

  2. I actually don't really have that many, but I LOVE old-fashioned keys. :) I hunk I have this large one, and then another old-looking one, one that went to a pretend pair of handcuffs (:P), and then a couple key necklaces and key earrings. It would be neat to bring them all together for a picture. :D
    Thanks for the comment, btw! :)

  3. My sister collects old fashioned keys to she even has one one on a chain and a pin! Yours is very neat.

  4. Oh, that's really neat, Miss Savories of Life! :)


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