Fonts anyone?

Do you share a love for fonts with me? Do you want to expand the different types of fonts you have on your computer, but don't know how? Do you think that extra fonts cost money?
I am going to try to answer these questions in a post about FONTS.
*note: I do not know how to add extra fonts to Blogger, and there is no way to do it, as far as I know*

   I have found many websites where you can preview and download free fonts to install on your computer. True, there are websites that make you buy the font, but there are websites that have literally HUNDREDS of free fonts; you just need to know where to look.
   So. The first website I will direct you to is daFont. They have many different fun, cute, and pretty fonts that you can download for free. 
The second font website I would like to tell you about is 1001 Free fonts, which is also a nice place to get fonts, but it didn't have two fonts that I really love. ("Jane Austen" and "The King and Queen font")
Urban Fonts also has some free fonts that you can download. You an find other websites with free fonts by simply typing 'free fonts' into a Google search box.

  And now for the question you have all been waiting for; how do I install these fonts onto my computer? (and is it safe from viruses to do so?) Well, as to it being safe, I have downloaded fonts multiple times and as far as I know there has been nothing malicious in the files. 

How to install - On a Mac:

For me this was fairly simple. All I did was click the little 'download' button next to the desired font, and once the font was downloaded double click to open it. Once the file folder opens, you click on the file ending in TTF, and a preview of the font should open in a new little box. There should be a button that says 'Install Font'. All you do is click that button, and the font should install onto your computer!

How to install  - On a PC:

First find the font you would like, and download it to your computer. The new font should be under My Documents > Downloads.
Next, follow the instructions on this website

There you have it! Extra fonts on your computer than can fit your style and mood! :)

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