My First Giveaway!!

Well hello there! Today I am posting my 100th post!! That s very exciting for me. I know I only have 10 followers, but hey, it's still nice to have ten rather than two or three!

Happy 100th Post!!
(To me!)

Now for the giveaway! *cheers*
I will be giving away *two* lovely items. I am not so blessed as to have sponsors, so I am giving these items away myself! Shall we begin?

Item 001
This beautiful necklace! I think the pendant might be glass(?). I'm not sure though. The cord is, as you can see, blue ribbon and blue cord together. 

Item 002
 This lovely pair of earrings that yours truly made for...you! They are Swarovski crystals set in a beautiful bead on silver fishhook earrings.

For each entry please leave one comment saying what it was you did to enter, so that you can be entered in the drawing. If you do not leave a comment, you will not be entered.

Mandatory entry:
{1}  Follow my blog
(if you do not have a Blogger account, you can subscribe to receive emails through the button on my sidebar)

Extra Entries:

{1} Post on your blog about the giveaway! (please leave a link to your post in your comment)
{1} Tell me which of the two items is your favorite!
{1} Tell me what your favorite book of the Bible is, and why!

The giveaway will end on October 19th 11:59pm ET (three weeks from now), and I will announce the winners the next day! :)



  1. I love earrings, so I'm gonna have to say the earrings are my favorite. :)

  2. What's my favorite book of the Bible? Hmmmmm. I really love Proverbs, and Ruth, and John, and Titus, and.... gee I don't think I have an absolute favorite. hee hee :)

  3. One of my favrite books of the bible is Jeremiah and we are doing a Bible study on this book.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!! I ahve entered many but never won.

  4. i follow by e-mail (the blogger followers thingy wouldn't load)

  5. think those earngs are super adorable!

  6. #1: I think I have a Blogger account... no wait, maybe it's just Google? We'll see...
    So I don't "officially" subscribe to you, but I check with you OFTEN. I also happen to be your sister, soo...
    #2: I don't have a blog. Is there something else I should do?
    #3: The earrings are my favorite.
    #4: I think Psalms is prob. my favorite - so many wonderful verses, and so encouraging, for gloomy days and joyful ones!

  7. Neat giveaway! :D I follow your blog!

    P.S. Thanks for entering my giveaways, btw. :)

  8. I'm most excited to win the necklace. It's so pretty! :)

  9. My favorite book from the Bible would have to be Proverbs, because the verses are very encouraging whenever you're feeling up or down. :)

  10. I absolutely love that necklace! But the earrings are lovely, too! I don't know which=P

    Okay... I'd have to say the earrings ^_^

  11. My favorite book of the Bible would have to be... I love Ruth, James, Ephesians, Jeremiah, Isaiah... etc., etc... ;)

    Thanks so much!
    In Him,

  12. *This comment is for my Mom*
    Following by email

  13. *Comment for mom*
    Book of the Bible: John??

  14. *Commet for mom*
    Favorite item: earrings

  15. I follow your blog!

  16. My favorite book of the Bible is Revelation! :)

  17. My fav item is the earrings! =D


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