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All right, I'll tell you the truth. I don't have "real" photo editing software. And I think that's why I always thought it was like "cheating"; because you're changing the actual picture. But I guess it's just part of the whole art of photography.
Anyway, I found out that you can download a free 30-day trial of Adobe Lightroom 3, so I did. And that's what my recent (watermarked) photos have been from. And I am afraid that I am becoming addicted to it. Because it is amazing! Let me show you an example.

This is before editing with Lightroom 3:
Nice picture, but no colors are popping out or anything.

Now this is the edited version:
Now the blues and greens and whites are simply BURSTING out of the photo. Isn't that wonderful??

Overall, I think I am having way too much fun editing my pictures and I am afraid that I may be wanting to purchase Lightroom 3 sometime (relatively) soon. 
Oh, another thing I love about the software is how I can put my watermark on the pictures! I think it makes them look a lot more professional, although I really must decide on a permanent photography name. :)

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  1. To quote someone, "Photoshop is like makeup. It's to enhance beauty not change it."

    I don't do much editing to my pictures...like my professor has said, "Do all the work with the camera not with the photoshop." And also as he loves to say, "It's all about lighting." It's just a matter of capturing the right light with the right exposure. :D See? I'm learning so much already! ;)


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