My Favorite Things (#3) & 100th post happiness!

I don't think I'll ever be able to stop looking at Etsy shops or posting about them, so I might as well continue. :) I'm sure it must make the shop owners happy to have me exhibiting their products to my lovely followers. So here is the first item on my list for today.

Number One
This lovely necklace is from lePetitFoyer's fabulous fabulous Etsy shop! She has super cute, whimsical jewelry that I absolutely love. You should definitely look around the shop. :)

Number Two
Beautiful pocket watch necklace with a cute little key and orange crystal hanging alongside! There is a lovely engraved design on the back as well.
(From Sevinoma's shop)

Number Three
Also from Sevinoma! I think this ring is immensely gorgeous!! And, as my sister pointed out, the prices of the items are shockingly cheap! I might actually buy something from this shop instead of deciding that the items are too expensive for me. :)

Number Four
I have loved this ring and this Etsy shop (plasticouture) for a very long time now. I have a hard time deciding whether I like this ring or this next ring better than the other!

Number Five
Isn't it preeeeetty? :)

Number Six
I have been wanting to get a leather journal that has no lines and homemade-looking pages ever since I first saw some in Barnes and Noble. But they are always so expensive (which makes me very sad). I think this one is lovely. Perhaps not my favorite of all the leather journals I've seen, but one of my favorites. ;)
(Buy now from Keilantra)

Number Seven
Oh my goodness! Aren't these magnets the cutest thing!!! I mean, the whole bottle cap thing is a little weird, but the music notes look sooo cutesy and darling! 
(Get the music magnets here at CreativeLove's Etsy shop!)

Number Eight
Wow. I like, really want this necklace. It is sooo cute and pretty! There are little shells from the Aegean Sea, and a freshwater pearl as well, all in this cute little cork bottle!
(Buy it from lePetitFoyer now!)

Number Nine
This is a scarf. I love scarves. It is blue and purple. I love blue and purple. The End.
(blue and purple scarf from ZuzanaSchwabova)
P.S. This is only one of the many beautiful scarves this Etsy shop sells. It may or may not be my favorite.

Number Ten
It's a little odd, but I like the fact that it has music in the background and a Jane Austen silhouette in the foreground. The little diamond crystal shouldn't be there in my opinion, but it's still a nice bracelet. :)

And that is the end of my favorite things for today! I now have an announcement to make.

Seeing as this is my 99th post on A glimpse into my world, I have decided to do a giveaway for the 100th post celebration! I won't reveal what will be given away yet, but I just wanted to give a heads up so that you can have time to come back here and enter by the time the giveaway begins. :)

See you at the giveaway! :)

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  1. The first picture LOOKS like you, and it also reminds me of Penelope. Really cute and whimsical at the same time. ♥ I like it.


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