Random photography

Possibly a dessert recipe (with added bonus: PICTURES!) to come soon. This is just a special sneak peek that almost happened accidentally in the chocolate.
Excited for the recipe? I'm sorry, but you'll just have to content yourself with a photo post of random things like teacups and bird nests.

 This is a teacup that my grandmother gave me that I believe was her grandmother's

I love how the colors of the teacup matched the color of the walls

 Detail of the handle

 I honestly can't remember where I got this teacup...maybe at a thrift store??

 Lovely detailing
 I love violets, and I happily found out that violets are the flower of the month for February - my birthday month!
I don't know why the pictures are partially blurry....

I found this nest on the ground a while back. There was a hole in the nest and a broken eggshell on the ground...

 The chipped paint lends so much character to the door!

 Meghan's teacup; so much character!

 Yes, I did set that little stage up.....I was bored! *shrugs*

 Keara's teacup

A b&w shot
 This picture reminds me of lace

 Power outage during the tropical storm

 I love the simplicity of this picture

 I'm planning on editing this one...

Look at those gorgeous colors!!

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