My Favorite things part 2

Everything, from the hand drawn pendant to the leather cord and the cursive handwriting on the paper that the necklace is resting on, makes this picture delightful.

Another gorgeous item from another gorgeous store. The red ruby, the engraved metal, the little curlies surrounding the gem...ahhhh
Link to the ring (check around at the other stuff at this store! There are some lovely items!)

A 1950's vintage wedding dress?? How darling! 
I love how simple yet elegant this dress is. It's not huge, and it doesn't go down to the floor like your typical wedding dress, but it has lace, and it has a bow in the back, and it has charm. And charm is what makes it special.

Now, it might not be as pleasing to the eyes as the other items in this post are, but in my mind, a good book (preferably hardcover, and vintage is even better) is just about as wonderful as pretty jewelry. :)

Sometimes I'm not sure why a picture strikes my fancy so much. There was an old vintage who in Maine that we went to when we were on vacation, and there were some photos on notecards that a local photographer had taken, and there was one in particular that caught my fancy. It was a simple, black and white picture of two or three vintage suitcases sitting on a bench. And I loved it. So I bought it. And now I'm not sure what to do with it. Do I frame it and hang it on my wall, or skip the frame and just stick it to the wall? And where do I put it? There's something about it that has captured my fancy and I don't want it to just be forgotten and glanced over like an old painting you never look at that is relentlessly hanging on the wall somewhere in your house. Have you ever thought about that? I remember it sometimes; to look closely at the things that are never noticed. The things that I pass by every day and never pay attention to. I've done that with pictures on the walls, small rugs in the kitchen, and patterns on fabrics. You might pass by them every day or, (in the rug's case) walk on it thousands, maybe millions, of times during our life, and you never stop to appreciate the pattern or art of the piece. 
Maybe this is the artist in me speaking out, maybe I'm just tired and need to go to bed. Or stop looking on Etsy. Either way, I think this post is over. But I've had fun releasing my thoughts out into the great wide world of the web. 
So goodnight now, I hope you sleep well and have sweet dreams. 

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