Newspaper Nails!

I was inspired by Dezzy Louise's post on Adorkable about newspaper nails, so I decided to do it to my own nails!
They came out really well, and I love them! I did end up smudging a couple of my nails, so I only took a picture of the nice nails. ;)
And mind you, this is with my wimpy laptop camera, not Fisher (my Canon), so the pictures are low quality.
I used light pink nail polish instead of gray or white, because I thought it would look cuter! :)
Go to Adorkable's post for the tutorial video on how to get newspaper nails for yourself! :)


  1. Hi Madeline!

    Thanks so much for the encouraging comment on my "smile" post. :) You made me smile! ;) You have a lovely blog--and what neat nails! Those are pretty epic. :)


  2. Thank you so much Lucia! Your comment in turn made me smile. :) I love your blog as well, and I am very excited to keep reading it and therefore getting to know you better!

  3. That is so cool! I tryed to do this on my little sister before, but I think might have done it wrong :) I have to try it again now, since its a tutorial video :)


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