Blog Award #2!

Katherine @ A Life Worth Living awarded my blog again! Thank you so much Katherine! :)

The rules in accepting this award are:
1.  Thank the person who gave it to you.
2. List 3 things you love most about yourself.
3. Post a picture you LOVE on your blog.
4. Pass this award on to 5 other bloggers( and remember to tell them).
1. I already thanked Katherine, but thank you again! :)
2. Ummm, this is sort of a weird thing. :P I like it that I play the piano, I like it that I can go without makeup and not feel too bad about it ;), and I like it that I read a lot! :)
3. I really like this picture. ^^^ It is so sweet and old-fashioned. Norman Rockwell has some wonderful paintings. :)
4. I think I'll have to pass on passing this award this time. If you follow my blog, feel free to consider yourself awarded. :)


  1. Your welcome!! Happy to give you so many awards!
    I like all of your things that you like about yourself.
    :) I enjoy following your blog; I enjoy blogging a lot and it's fun following other people.



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