Sam's visit and the wedding

Last weekend my friend Sam came down to our house for a visit, and then we went to the wedding of a mutual friend on Saturday. 

On Friday Hannah, Sam, Mary, and I went to Starbucks...yum!

 Me: Pose like you're advertising for Starbucks!

My dad :)

I had to make supper, so the girls ended up coming into the kitchen so I could talk with them while I worked. Of course we ended up taking lots of pictures as well. :)

Sam and I :)

Sam and Hannah

The next day (Saturday) we went to the wedding!
 Lydia loved being with Sam :)

Sitting in the pew waiting for the wedding to start!

The groomsmen

 My sister Meghan was a bridesmaid! :)

 The bride's sister, Kay

The bride's other sister, Amy

 The bride herself!

 Their first kiss!

More pictures to come soon! :)


  1. great pics, girly! :D

  2. How sweet! Love the pics! He He to the funny coffee pictures! Hope you had a fun time at the wedding.


  3. Lovely pictures, Maddie! I love the shot of the kiss! :-)

    ~ Lieren


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