A Cold Afternoon

I stopped short before stepping out onto the front porch this afternoon, as I glanced at the cement inches away from me. There was a fine powdering of snow that had crept up to the door. This will be my first picture, I thought. 

Upon walking out onto the porch, I became overwhelmed with the beauty of the white crystals that were covering our yard, and I wanted to snap away at everything I could see. I started with the old green benches on our front porch.

And then I progressed towards the railing.
 I love the bokeh in each of these photos. Is it still called bokeh when it's not circles? Or is bokeh just...blurriness? :P

Then I proceeded to the front yard where I tried to get a picture of the snowflakes as they raced to beat each other to the ground.

And then a self-portrait before I headed to the back yard.

I finally made it to the backyard, and look who's sitting there to greet me!

I can't believe she'll be five in June!

 No flash ^^
Manual with white balance set as either Daylight or Auto (I tried both, and they looked the same) ^^

Sledding down the steps? Sounds good. 

Then I went inside because my fingers were frozen into place holding the camera and clicking the shutter release. 

The End


  1. Wow!! Looks like fun!! Wish it would snow for us! Great self portrait by the way.

  2. Amazing Photos!


  3. Lyddie's little pink nose!!!
    I really like these snow pics. :)

  4. Cool snow pictures! I love the one of Cal going sledding down the steps! The look on his face! :D

  5. I'm awarding you with THE VERSATILE AWARD. checkout my blog at kariluvcats.wordpress.com for more details.


  6. Gorgeous photos, you are just beautiful! Thanks for leaving such an encouraging comment on my blog, it is exactly what I needed!



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