Wedding Part 2

After the wedding my friend Sam and I took a bunch of pictures! Even though it's January, the weather was surprisingly warm, and the lighting was beautiful!

The girls standing around chatting 

Aislinn and Zephy

Zephaniah...I tricked him into taking his picture. :)

Sam and Mary

 Me, Hannah, Sam, and Mary


Mary's gorgeous eyes

Mary, Lieren, and Hannah

{Which edit do you like better?}

My brother Ian :D

Some of the kids there 

My gorgeous friend Lieren 

Sam :)

The boys :)

 She would not look at my camera! (We were doing duo portraits with both cameras at the same time.)

There we go! :)

My mother :)

A gorgeous shot of the church that my sister took

I love this picture {photo credit: Mary} 

{photo credit: Mary} 

 Silly faces!


Let me know which pictures you like best, and stay tuned for part three!


  1. Great pictures!! How many parts are there?? :o
    Can't wait to see what happens next.


  2. What fun pictures! :D I really like your second duo portraits, the one where Sam has the Canon camera, and the sepia picture of the trees. :)
    Can't wait to see part 3!


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